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Lyrics to The King's Daughter
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I am on the run, from the men with the gun

I am on the run, I'll never be his son

Oh oh

I'm on the run from the men with the gun

And they're holding their weapons high

Nor brother nor son, doesn't think I'm the one

The royal heir

I set my sight on the things you got

Want the love and gold, want the highest spot

The empty call in my heart

Filled with your throne as you depart

Golden light

In my eyes

The king's daughter

Watch her rise

Watch her rise

From the ground

Watch her rise

Without a sound

Your child on trial for the things you did

All out of answers to your benefit

The solitude in my mind

Only needed your love but you left me behind

Golden light...

But you're in denial

Of the things you said

You left me here

You left me for dead

Golden light...
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