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Lyrics to The Just Is Enough
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"Here's a flash at your heels to make you well, to make you ill, and give a clear view into how love and loss can work inside you. But still, don't compare them at length, 'cause one's a single shot and strength with no two ways about it. One's void if you learn to live without it. One is none when the Holy Hand is on you." I'll live easier with the mystery in orbit around me, use no-good tricks to get beyond what's really going on (the child as lesson once again: to create is to condemn), or see all the limits in relief and figure out what exactly to believe in. Well, of course I'll be airsick for you. It's the least that I can do. 'Cause there's an evil, there's a plus to all the things at work inside us. Or so we'll say when we stay up late to talk each other into fate and fake a belief in the balance of creation.

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