Lyrics to The Jester
The Jester Video:
I took the wrong pills; I hardly feel a thing
It might be good or bad, but it sure is missing
Those innocent, cheek-stretching eyes
I could never turn away and I never want to try
When you blink is the only time they don't lie
Because I know your secrets and it's such a disappointment.
Not that ready to see the space between the blinks
And I would never be.

I have found your laughter
Tangled in mindless chatter
The distasteful prelude
To a private disaster
And I hope I am wrong because
I can't take this

How about another round?
Attempt to keep those regrets down
They don't look so good when spit into his ear
No one really cares, except the one in the mirror
Too bad he can't reflect good advice

Only the illusion of a fake, friendly smile
The one that is in denial of ever being whole
Pieces of the ceiling stretch out into the evening
Selecting every cloud to calm the sidewalks down

They hardly even clutter to stay out of the water
Because their spirits have already drowned
And it had nothing to do with charges,
Or unattended dinners, or a failure to leave a mark
You were already destined to be
The jester of it
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