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Lyrics to The Infinite War
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We stand on the front line as the rain starts to fall,
Waiting in silence with our loaded guns.
Wondering if it's worth it, if it's worth fighting for (if it's worth dying for),
Watching as they come.

A beam of death sweeps their path dry,
Monsters of metal a hundred feet high,
Not a chance that I'll survive.

And even though I'm terrified
I have never felt more alive,
I feel it burning me inside.

Our orders seemed so simple,
But simply can't be done.
No way that we can stop them,
And the Infinite War goes on.

Onwards, their advance comes, can we do anything?
Out of the shadows, unbidden, doubts flood.
Is this all I'm meant for, just a name on a grave?
One among billions.

What the Hell am I doing here?
We've been fighting for a thousand years,
And I don't see the end being near.

We're set to fight, and soon to fall,
We give our lives for no gain at all.
I never asked to go to war.

Will this make any difference?
How can this war be won?
It all just seems so pointless,
And the Infinite War goes on.

Everything I say everytime I pray gets blown away,
It means bugger-all today.
Now that the end is near, I taste the fear, I smell the tears,
And unless God Himself should appear,
There's nothing to get me the Hell out of here.
It's just me and my gear, my path laid out clear, my life not so dear.
So I take up my spear, and from my throat comes a cheer,
And into certain death I disappear.

Our mutual mass extinction
Is all we're fighting for.
Now nothing less will end it,
And the Infinite War...

How long can this continue?
Our dark millennium.
Trapped in a downward spiral,
And the Infinite War goes on.

O Lord, can no one save us?
For now our lives are gone,
They didn't even notice,
And the Infinite War goes on...
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