Lyrics to The Hustle
The Hustle Video:
Burn off the morning smog with heat that’s blazing from my rush
I’m paying dearly for this flash of light I have become
I can’t just hold my breath and stop a pulse I’m not controlling
So I hit the pavement as the hustle breaks into a run

We’re in the hustle now and there’s violence in its techno heart
Bleeding our brothers, lovers, others into faded scars
Good luck believin’ now the gears are turning down beneath us
She’ll use my blurry dawn to mine the gold underneath us

I heard a rumor that time
It’s really just a lion that barks in your mind
For no reason

Dealin’ the hustle now, it’s jivey talk is so confusing
Can’t turn the music down to silence out the rest of you
No time for real it’s goin’ to carve you up like bayonettes
Into a rollin’ dawn of modernist art loneliness

This motion in the street
This watchin’ my anger
There’s hell enough to pay
For smilin’

I’m a leave the hustle one day when I can’t do it no more good
Slip the brown bag from my bottle and fill it with my master’s gold
Come clean with luck and God inside some Port Authority urinal
Claim me a country hill and a woman with which to grow old
.City of Dreams

City of dreams
More wicked than it seems
You lead me down the alley
Where no one can hear my screams

You ride on the bus
Bumping into us
You’re reaching in our pockets
And you’re bleeding in our cuts

City of dreams
You don’t know what it means
To only dream about it
I know

Tonight I’m on the street with no money in my coat
And I’m blamin’ everybody for this ticket I got wrote
And I’ll walk along the end
‘Till I wander home again
Out beneath the rumble
I go stumblin’ down the Northside wind

City of dreams
You don’t know what it means
To only dream about it
I know
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