Lyrics to The Heiress
The Heiress Video:
the heiress waves me in
she gives me love, and then
lies with me upon the bed
and holds my head.
the heiress takes her time
she makes sure that i'm
asleep in a dream
before she lets go.

the heiress needs me too
she's been known for feeling blue
i tell her that she's beautiful
she reminds me of you.
she loves to hear me sing
says she wants to wear my ring
but not so fast, dear,
i've been right here before.

you waved me in
you gave me love, and then
you closed the door, i hit the floor
thought i'd never get up again.
but you did it right
and you did it easy
but you did it, and it killed,
and i'm not dying anymore.
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