Lyrics to The Heavy Head Dance
The Heavy Head Dance Video:
Songs like these sound the best,
Like when you're really fuckin' wasted,
And drinking super, super high test,
And snorting shit that ain't even illegal yet.

Go shake your heavy metal ass,
Butt don't you rattle it too fast,
There's more to life than thrash,
So let's get stoned and dance!

There's more to life than thrash,
So let's get really smashed,
and do the heavy head dance. [x2]

Bang your, Clang your,
Mangle your, Heavy head. [x2]

It's easier than you know,
Just hang your head real low,
And sway from side to side,
And away you fuckin' go!
Yeah, I ought to know,
Because I was raging in Chicago,
And I threw out my fuckin' back!
While doing the heavy head dance.

Yeah, it's big in fuckin' France,
And it's one of the few things that'll
make a German laugh.
French fries were created in Belgium
not France!

There's more to life than thrash...

My neck is really sore,
I don't want to do this anymore.

Bang your, Clang your...
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