Lyrics to The Heart's Betrayal
The evil has shattered split in two
Your chance has come now, make a stand
I am not perfection nor a driving force
I can but guide you on the path of truth

Must I choose the strenuous path of good?
Can it be that I am destined to walk this road?

Don't betray me though your heart is tempted
Rise before me avoid this tempest's call
The fate of reason leads you safe to home
The heart's treason, betrayal of the mind

The monster's calling, an appeal to my weakness
Resist temptation, but can it be so bad?
The righteous mountain, the decrepit valley
Like water, I flow the path of least resistance


Your vile weakness, your fate has been sealed
Defaulting to evil by elimination
You've fallen from grace
Sitting by while evil does its work

The mind warned you and tried to show the way
You are a victim to the heart's betrayal

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