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Lyrics to The heart in me
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You are living your dream, while i'm watching the tv-screen

I look so useless when i compare myself to you

There are many things i wanna do

I don't have tim, i never achieve the thing i believe

I can't afford it or i just wouldn't try

You don't know what it's like to feel worthless

While you're running out of time


Lost in the time

Wanted you to be mine

Blind to see, the heart in me

I don't compare to what you wanna see

I'm not what you think you need

You take me for a friend, but i want more than that

You still didn't opened your eyes, through al the time and all the cries

You always achieve all the things you believe

You have the money and you just would try

I wish i was a little more like you and somehow you wish that to


My feelings won't change

My heart can't lie

My eyes won't fool you

Cause i'm in love with you

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