The Haunting Lyrics

Marina City


Lyrics to The Haunting
The Haunting Video:
Your grave mistake
Was thinking you left me all alone to die
Well I found a place where I could come alive
That night
In the darkest shadows of my twisted mind
I used that noose to climb my way out to the light

It's been 7 years but you did a number on me
I found the key of happiness
It's to rip that smile right off your lips
You look at me like you've seen a ghost
Is this not the end that you had hoped?

Here I am
About to dethrone you from your pedestal
And I will drag you to the hell you put me through
You wear a crown
But you're a king living on his knees
Praying that you got the best of me

They thought they buried us
Turns out that we were seeds
Now we will crack through the pavement
We'll show what we'll be
We are the product of their imagination
Because when they tore us down
They built what we've become
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