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Lyrics to The Hate Syndicate
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I swallow you like a drop of blood
Take you down beneath the grown
Make you feel the ugliest ways of pain
Victim, serve as best as you can

I'll make you taste the juice of violence
Blood running free warm at your check
Don't cry, you fucking piece of shit!
I could hate you just for this!

River like scenery, blood flowing free
Injectionary pain solution
Death comes with me

Serving you delights of man
You won't feel a thing
Taste the juice of heroin
When you take me in

Crumbling into the corner
Makes me but stronger
What the fuck do you want?
Are you prepared to die?

I bolt your head and hands to the wall
Make your bone fraction tear apart

I give you the kiss of death
And let the chains of fear set free
Walk my friend to the land fools
Where you are but once in a thousand
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