Lyrics to The Hand Of Man
The Hand Of Man Video:
Come the tides We hear tell of the mortal season Fed rife with rhyme and reason Tainted with despair

Kill-darkened skies Painted black, so black with misery Raining down with impunity
Oh, the cross we've brought to bear

In the treason fields Where man again destroys what man built
Man wears the weighted cloak of man's guilt For the blind we must remind

Raise your eyes Behind a martyr's mask of supplication
I find you guilty by association Mute, somehow divine

I Sing True I can see right through you

Thirst for truth Spit out the lies inside and search for meaning
The child in your hanging head lays bleeding Another dream to drown

Ignorance Seek your knowledge in the volumes of dust
Render all to ashes and rust And child, bring that hammer down

I sing true I can see right through you

These latter days They bear eternal winter's coming frost
And the death of innocence In this dying age we wander lost

Deny the Hand of Man

Celebrate Wherever mercy falls drunk you'll find me
In the gutter, ever in the company Of angels, and of kings

Millennium All the memories will fade like twilight
Take your place on either side of midnight And sing, dear brother, sing

I sing true I can see right through you
Right on cue That face you wear betrays you
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