Lyrics to The Hallucinator
The Hallucinator Video:
The Hallucinator lives upon the island,
All alone, all alone
Because if she didn't live there no-one else would
All alone
She knows that she's the one to go before us
Making each and every border porous
With an eider quill retrace our annals
Ungating all the snares, hard-panning channels
All alone, all alone

The vacuum drags here down to the ocean
To the bottom of the sea
But still she lands so softly she is laughing
Laughing at the bottom of the sea
By there sailed a silver ship of time
Ship of time, ship of time
With cannons fanning out at every angle
Port and starboard, fore and aft
An old and gilded clock was seen to dangle
From the topmost lofty mast
The Hallucinator, she just looked and laughed

The King of Time, he's pulled her from the ocean
Stood here there to drip and dry
And he's led her by the hand back to her island
Still alone as you or I
He said 'I've sailed the seven seas to find you
Seven seas and twenty-three
I've sailed a sickening sea of golden coins
To be near you, to be free

I can only tell you what I know:
The dagger of the west will never linger long
In the scabbard of the east
That gazelle will bolt and run like hell
From any entombed Eden
I've been to the north and I've been to the south
I've sailed the world around
I know the poles are doomed to shift
I know that one day soon they'll flip
And when they do I'll reboard ship
And go back the way I came

And if you've time you'll mould a child of wax
Maybe chisel a child of stone
So you'll never be alone
And I'll give you my silver cloak of time
Woven of the hours fine
And if you've sense you'll hang it in a high place
Touch the hem from time to time
Time to time
Time to time
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