Lyrics to The Gunslinger
The Gunslinger Video:
["Dry desert winds blow sand into a shabby bar
Drunken guys with cracking souls hang around
In the corners and are out of hope
Mankind is in despair, because the mighty
Shadows of the dark tower lie over them,
Like a black blanket"]

The door is banging on the wall
Shadows of a men enters this hall
Silence governs the room
Now is the beginning of doom

The man's face is dirty and far
But the eyes sparkle clear like a star
It's Dragon, the gunslinger
The guy with the nimble finger

He is searching the dark tower
Has never seen there a blooming flower
His mission is to rescue the land
And Dragon is ready for the last stand

Until the bad powers are put aside
Hope returns and morning light
You must kill to get back the sun
In a battle with a loaded gun

Here comes the gunslinger
With the nimble finger
To fight against the dark tower
Until death with all his power

Here comes the gunslinger...
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