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Ditto... AH!

Coming from Canada, we love those leaders who personify the US way to be.
There was JFK, and LBJ, and WKRP.

But of these there is, not one to rival
The greatest genius of them all.
He's a megalo, with a healthy glow:
He's the man called Rush Limbaugh.

He's a dose of PT Barnum
With a Mussolini twist. El duce!
There in the limosuine, parked on the lawn.
He's a goofy Gangis Kahn!

Not since Jesus Christ has the world seen someone with such widely syndicated views.
Hundreds of years from now, they'll celebrate Rushmas.
And Rush Hashana for the Jews...

Cause he'll pull the plug on Femi-nazis.
Parinoid minorities and gays.
He's a burning bush, with a network push
Sure to start a countrywide blaze.

He taught me to love and praise Charlton Heston.
Oliver North is quite a nice man too, that's what they say.
Forget Al and Tipper,
Let's bring back the Gipper
And Joe McCarthy too.

I was a troubled soul.
Consumed by voices
Advocating special interest groups and vice.
'Til Rush rushed too my sweet rescue,
Now i'll never ever have to think twice.
(never ever have to think twice)

So we'll sign a check for Limbaughism.
Restore the moral fundamental core.
We'll cut the debt,
And start a tet offensive on the poor.

It's a blitzkreig in the making. (EVERYBODY!)
It's distinctly upper class (Well, not everybody)
Yes sir, I'll get the door.
Roll the carpet on the floor.

For a man
(for a man)
For a man
(Such a man)
For a man with his head up his-





Ask us the name of the king it's RUSH!
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