The Greatest Love Lyrics

In Reverent Fear


Lyrics to The Greatest Love
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Im just to sleep under your stairs
You lonely witch you werent prepared
Soon well be wed on the bathroom floor
The guests will applaud as we exit the door
Dont run away
Dont run

It could be the greatest love that Ive ever known
It could be the death of me if I get to close
It could be the end of all our lonely devices
It could be a lovely way to end our sadness

Dont tell me about my disease
Dont tell me about love
When youre looking up to Jesus
And youre dragging me through mud

The greatest love Ive ever known
The greatest death Ive died
Threw pennies in the well today
And wished for better life

Im buried in a crucifix
Upon an empty tomb
And theres nothing you can say right now
Nothing I will do

You lonely witch you werent prepared
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