Lyrics to The Greatest Hurt
The Greatest Hurt Video:
Oh the greatest hurt The heart will ever know Is when the one you love Says she can't love you anymore The pain that you feel Is too much to conceal As she slowly turns and walks towards the door Yeassssssssss The saddest words to ever reach the heart Are those cold, final words just before teardrops start You wonder, yes you do, whats left in life for you When the pain begins to burn in your heart Then somewhere deep down inside you You search to defend your pride But all that you find deep down inside you Are reflected by the tears that fill your eyes You want to speak, huh But words dont seem to flow You want to cry baby, baby, baby please dont go, dont go But then without a sigh she bids that last goodbye Then she turns away and walks out the door The greatest hurt The greatest hurt The greatest hurt The heart has ever, ever known

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