The Great Divide Lyrics

Joe Cocker

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Lyrics to The Great Divide
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The nights are long And the wind is howling down Into the hollows Somewhere deep inside I can hear you calling out Across this great divide Right or wrong there's a feeling in my heart I try to follow But lately I just hide And my dream of somebody crawling out To cross this great divide Isolation Heart like a drum And the beating is wearing me down I'm standing at the station But the train never comes Still I'm hanging on Like some old ghost town Miles to go but I see that one way out Stars in the distance Skies are open wide Waiting for my soul to rise Above this great divide Desperation Is a dangerous blade In a reckless and trembling hand Sweet salvation Just a thin line away I should cut and run But I'll make my stand The nights are long But I'll close my eyes again Until tomorrow Slip the bonds and ride Touch the face I long to see Above this great divide We'll be all we long to be Beyound this great divide

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