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Lyrics to The Great Despression
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I know that
I'm just a loser
Without any future
And that's fine
But things get so hard
You want me to be a man
And I've decided
It's not worth my time

And so I've prepared myself
To go nowhere
I've tried everything
I could think of

But you say it won't work
Your friends think I'm a jerk
And i think you've
Quite had enough

And, I know
Things seem like there down
But maybe if we try
So once again
I'm down on my knees
Cause I play the beggar so well
You deserve the world but all
I can give you is hell

Please give me one more chance
I'll try to make amends
No more mistakes from here on out
This time I'm true
Forget your doubts


Finally you are moving in
This is what i want
This is what i have been dreaming
After so many years
Your finally here
Oh no...
What am i doing here?
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