Lyrics to The Great Communicator
The Great Communicator Video:
My own intent's not easy to see.
I'm not the great communicator I used to be, apparently;
But I know what it means when i hear screams,
And it's the sonics not the phonics and it's all in the delivery

Now I'm learnin' bout what lies underneath,
So if you catch me speakin' through my teeth
Ow -you gotta stop me now.

I keep my ear to the street,
ANd I keep on reading lips and looks as I'm looking for that perfect beat;
But I know it's all down to me
And if something's lost in the translation,
I guess I shouldn't take it so personally

But your 'esses' look like 'effes' to me
And we been Ebonic since we been thirteen
And how ya like me now?

They get detached from what's been goin' on
They feed ya crap you can't keep growin' on
They give ya stats that tell you nothin' at all
'bout who ya wanna be. Who you wanna be?
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