Lyrics to The Good Life
The Good Life Video:
welcome to the good life
as i'm pretty sure this is
from the revolution cubicle
changing it all from within
with signs of "yes we can"
"another world is on her way"
but we've got the same product
packaged in a pretty way

i'm not saying i'm not thankful
i'll light a candle for us all
and if I burn my body
at least i did it for the world

who called this beautiful?

welcome to the union
from california to new york
from the stolen land of natives
from chopsticks to a fork
we're laughing at the irony
of taking this country back
when no government can ever have it
cause no government ever has

i'm gonna climb up your walls
and i'm gonna tear them down
and i'll show you a beauty
that this good life never found

who called this beautiful?

do you feel welcome in the good life
i don't feel anything at all
we both know that i'm trying
but to try is not to solve
i'm using what you gave me
but it's just not enough
and in this florescent lighting
i'll try anything once
i'll fly into the brightness
but the heat will melt my wings
and then i'll build a tower
and we'll see who reaches me
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