The Gloaming Of The Haunted Eve Lyrics

Ordo Draconis

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Lyrics to The Gloaming Of The Haunted Eve
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Introduction: Sunset settles, faint daylight gleams and mists descend. In the mountains resound a thousand moanings and the pale moon calls upon the shades. The Wanderer: After odysseys thro'- utter spheres I stravaig o'er mist-wreathed hills. At evenfall I wander the moors, Where the twilit gloaming abides. Doleful dirges ride the chilling winds and elven lights twinkle in the dark of even. Still the thick mists darken his pathway. However, at random, he makes for the sonorous rushing of torrents and the sparkle of wills-o'-the-wisp. Thus he arrives at a torrent, where sang a lily-white naiad. The Undine of the Streamlet: Hark ye wanderer and walk yon way, Wander e'er more for e'er and a day, For none did roam these paths before, But thine have crossed theirs 'cross the moors. The Wanderer: Alack! As fair as seemed the billowy moors, So foul was laid a snare of yours. A wraith appears 'pon eldritch stones, As lurid mirages raise the torrent, That slopes upwards to the pearlwhite crown Of snow and hyaline frost... The eerie weepings, echoed deep For a covenant to come, Beckon and, unredeemed, They lurk in their cursed slumber. The enaidis haunt the vale of tears, The mirthless shades errant,-- That sojourn in the dark caverns. Yon the knell seems for aye. -A night season, seething with mists, Advances and -the moon enshrined Shimmers by its pale white rays O'er the whimsical plains of death. Mountains soar with eternized crests, Grimly silhouetted 'gainst the sky, Like wuthering spires 'scarped by great eld And gyred by the shroud of fog.

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