The Glitter End Lyrics

Diva Dompe

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Lyrics to The Glitter End
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My fate a slave
To this cave
Where a goblin dance ceaselessly celebrates all chaos

We gorge on blood
Of the Earths flood
Which flows infinitely through forever past self to silence

My strength is drained into an empty world
Feeding deep to fill its huge whole
No monstrous mouth for a romantic end
Just a room where nothings happening
I must not stay here long I feel it down upon me
Not from here I'll disappear I fear
Release me from your clutches I must soar above it
See the whole the whole is love the love is real

My own home appears up ahead
A light to block out all that's dull dread
The magic of the Earth comes rushing through
An opening we made for passage true

Climb the tower of statues holding golden bells
As you ascend
You will hear each seeker ring each sound
As they cascade down
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