The Ghosts Of Heroes Lyrics

Eleanors Fault

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Lyrics to The Ghosts Of Heroes
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Its time
the static on the radio as unclean as ever it was
but clearly came the broadcast
hope sinking fast
the storm from beneath us had come
unleash the machines
let them empty magazines into the sky
there never were designs should the chemicals fail
i can see the tears through her funeral veil
we are only the ghosts of heroes
angels of the night shine brightly
we are only the ghosts of heroes
child grab your wooden sword and stand behind me now
dont be afraid
you wont find lies behind these teeth of mine
sharp as they may be
our battle hardened hands are still quite warm and comforting
weapons are useless
its all on you now
believe in your strength
remember your faith
and dont let the darkness take this place
look to the east son thats where youll find us screaming your name
say the prayer
fly away
your eyes are bright but theres a darkness inside
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