Lyrics to The Getty Song
The Getty Song Video:
There's a new place in L.A.
I go there every day
It's the Getty

Outside it's quite clean
But inside it's obscene
It's the Getty

There are pictures fresh from France
Of girls without their pants
In the Getty

And the Greek boys they've got there
Aren't wearing underwear
In the Getty

There's a wonderful Van Gogh
Which cost a lot of dough
In the Getty

60 millions bucks
There's things you've never seen
Outside of a wet dream
In the Getty

There's a Greek boy there whose ass
Is made of solid brass
In the Getty

And the air-conditioning
Has shrunk his little thing
In the Getty

There are loads of modern things
Like paintings just of strings
Of spaghetti

But largely it's quite rude
Lots of girlies in the nude
Make me sweaty

So just come alive
And take the 405
To the Getty

It's absolutely free
They've got everything
They even let me sing
In the Getty.
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