Lyrics to The Getaway
The Getaway Video:
I hate my job so I always look to a better day Far from New York city on a tropical getaway But not in Miami 'Cause these white Cuban anti-Castros can't stand me That's the reason I'll never win a fixed up latin grammy After this racist latinos will god damn me But my black people love me And when i go to South America people try to hug me Cause I talk about reality that effects them And even though I blew up I could never neglect them What kind of revolutionary action would that be I'd be catogorized with practically every other emcee But never that 'cause I'm clever with facts Sever your raps, fake players and thugs will forever be wack I'm still rollin' with my squadron heavily strapped And even if I get killed I'll inevitibly be back Encyclopedia hispanica over digital debt Don't ever compare me to small minded criminal kats I kill kids on tracks like Dale Earnhart Spit on your face and leave your cheekbone with a burn mark I was born a genius but I learned to be street smart My vacation just started I'm out to the Caribbean Swimming in dominican women the colour of cinnamon You motherfuckers wish you had the life style I'm living in [East coast to west coast and everything stuck in between This is dedicated to everybody chasing their dreams This ghetto fabulous life really ain't what it seems But I'ma make it 'cause I got survival stuck in my genes]

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