Lyrics to The Genius Is Back
The Genius Is Back Video:
(feat. DJ Pooh, King Tee, Mix Master Spade)

(Rock) (steady)
(Rock) (steady)

[King Tee]
Now stop, listen, don't go no farther
My name is King Tee, I'd like to introduce my partner
Focus your eyes cause my homie is hot
(I'm Mix Master Spade and I'm ready to rock)

[Tom Tom Club] (What you're gonna do when you get out of jail?)
[Mix Master Spade] (You can make it illegal 100 different ways)
(What you're gonna do when you get out of jail?)
[Mix Master Spade] (Jackin all cars with bumper kits)
(What you're gonna do when you get out of jail?)
[Mix Master Spade] (We're all goin down drinkin nasty 8 Ball)
(What did you say your name was?)
[Mix Master Spade] (I'm Mix Master Spade and I'm ready to rock)

[Mix Master Spade]
Now welcome, party people, I'm so glad you're here
I want the girlies in the front, my homies in the rear
I'm not Dr. Jeckyll nor Mr. Hyde
Whoever told you that, they told you a lie
You been waitin and waitin as I can see
So treat me like the pope and bow to your knees
Cause the genius of the mic is back again
So get on the phone and go tell a friend
I been away for a while as you all know
Now I'm back on the mic doggin the show
So you listen to my style, whaddaya say?
(We never heard a DJ rap quite that way)
Well, Pooh is so fresh, he cuts so def
He transform the beat from right to left
I got gold around my neck that will never fade
The name on the chain is Mix Master Spade

[DJ [Name]]
Now stop, listen, my name ain't Rover
My name is DJ [Name], I'm about to take over
I'm not a doctor or lawyer nor a physician
Like a Space Shuttle I'm on a mission
Homeboys and girls, don't be afraid
Because I'm down by law with Mix Master Spade
You never heard my voice because I just begun
But soon to be the best MC (under the sun)
(under the sun) (under the sun) (under the sun)

(Now old grey-hair granny ain't here no more)
(Now old grey-hair granny ain't here no more)

[Mix Master Spade]
Well, you thought grey-hair granny had an overdose
She's out there teachin those ballers how to roll, you know
She's sayin, "Listen here, my man, you wanna make some dough?
You got to have cash, I guess you know
So she gave him a pack (and then he said)
It's cocaine, not lemonhead
So you're standin on the corner and you hide your stash
You put it on a tree or on the grass
And when the cars roll by [?]
(Put your hands in the air) and go: "What you need?"

[DJ Pooh]
Now stop, listen, I wanna show ya
A scratch I invented, perfected, I know ya
Can't front and tell me that you heard it in Philly
Silly, you (dumb hillbilly)
I make the beats for Spade and King Tee
They say the funky fresh rhymes for me
My name is DJ Pooh, I'm down to do
Whatever it takes to make the people say "oooh"

(Cuttin up suckers)
(Cuttin up suckers)
(Cuttin up suckers
that's) (cuttin) [Milk Dee] (with me)

[King Tee]
Hey Pooh, man, what's up with Mix Master Spade, man?
What's wrong with him?
[DJ Pooh]
I don't know, man
People passin all these rumors around, man
The dude around the corner... (
[King Tee]
Aw man, that was so wack
Yo yo Spade, tell em what's up

[Mix Master Spade]
You been frontin on me time after time
Saying rhymes that you knew were mine
I can't complain because you're bitin me
You just let me know that I'm the better MC
Feel the bass as it goes on
On and on to the break of dawn
Cause I'm furious, deadly just like [?]
You sucker MC, it's you I slay
Step back, you suckers, cause it's my turn
Just call me your teacher cause you're here to learn
You got to go to school to make it these days
You stay in class and get you some A's
You come see Spade and you get a degree
Your major in rap technology
We got King Tee and DJ [Name]
Toddy Tee and me, the '88 superstar
You learn how to mix with a beat that's hot
DJ Pooh, Joe Cooley and Dance-A-Lot
And if you pass our class, young boys and girls
We'll welcome you into our rapping world
Sho' shot, body rock
Come on, everybody, get ready to rock
Sho' shot, body rock
Come on, everybody, get ready to rock

[ Spade ]
What's up, Pooh
Where we from?
[Ronnie Hudson] (City of Compton)
(City of Compton
[Ronnie Hudson] (L.A.)
[Ronnie Hudson] (California)
[Ronnie Hudson] (Good old Watts)
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