Lyrics to The Fraud
Tell me how do you make it look simple?
Falling down deep into love
It takes all that I have just to stand here
And more not to run

Your eyes are enough to convenience me
And make me go tearing it down
Northing I’ve learned about love in the past
Could convince me to stick around

But don’t, don’t
Don’t leave me

Oh, make me a reliable spring green
And watching should be enough
Passing our days high, making shade
And wondering from above

How a hand feels on a hand
And blood feels in a heart
How to accept every ending
Is just making room for a start

But don’t, don’t
Don’t leave me

How will I know
When to let go?
How will I see
When somebody loves me?

Deep in the night you will find me
Happiest when I’m alone
And it may be that it’s all that I need
It could be that’s all I know

So don’t, don’t
Don’t leave me
Don’t leave