The Fountain Of Clouds Lyrics

Kirlian Camera

Black Summer Choirs

Lyrics to The Fountain Of Clouds
The Fountain Of Clouds Video:
The hand caressed my brow
Softly in the summer crying
After that scary night
And then I opened my eyes
I saw your valiant face
I stood without a word
While the abyss was yelling its rage
Maybe we attempted the impossible
Maybe it wasn't worth it
There's nothing left for us
Just clowns laughing down the streets
I couldn't regret this madness
And I couldn't forget the reason why
We came crashing against the world...
So my words are flowing slow
All over the drowsy room
Like a song for one that is gone
Leaving only a subtle perfume
In the air of this unwilled day
Risen deaf to any burning prayers
I see a phoenix denied to rebirth
Trapped in a neverending curse
Like children we wanted to unmask
The face of the universe
And we took bath in the rain, laughing desperate
While blood was flowing down our mouths
Like children we built a grave
And buried ourselves alive
Holding hands
While darkness was taking the air forever away
On a damp ground of which the fairies were inconsolable keepers
One day I will find you asleep. A message written on a shot...
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