The Flower And The Pain Lyrics

Howling Syn

A Taste Of Modern Evil

Lyrics to The Flower And The Pain
The Flower And The Pain Video:
Speak the truth and tell them
Your secrets of the underworld
Tell them the stories of the ancients
Give them the will, give them the lore
To play among immortals
Don't let them be a prey
We fear them...

In a cloudy dream, I saw you soar
Such beauty I could not ignore
Though I had sworn there would be no more
I turned you into what I abhor

And after bleeding me
You must survive in me
And take the flower from the pain
Your life plunged into me
My soul's a blinding sea
Of wandering hours in the rain

Give them the key, play with their fates
Cries of their eternal founts
Is there a way to end their sorrow?
I've tasted your blood
It gave me life, it gave me the strength I need
To hunt the night for centuries
We fear them...

But this power that they lure
Strangely mine and frightfully yours
Is it bound to make them pure
Or will twilight forever endure?

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