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Awaken The Dragon

Lyrics to The Five Emperors
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The endless universe hides a many secrets.
Upon a throne bewinged and invisible a wrathful Emperor is enthroned.
By his word a galaxy dies and by his breath a planet shivers.
A cold wind travels the sky and at sunset it brings us death.
One foot beneath the surface of the sea a menacing layer of decay sinks the stranded ships.
Hidden in the center of the mountains a mighty duke does hide.
Mournful he cries the demise of his empire - forever his land is lost.
Beyond the horizon lies the land of tears where a dethroned monarch cowers upon his throne.
His life was once a crowded theater, but the actors are all dead.
The highlands and valleys, once kingdom of two fearless kings,
is now the place where shadows dwell, where beast unseen
hide and roar - awaiting the coming of old.
This is the story of the five Emperors.
Their heir a sublime serpent - a Dragon proud and wise,
arising to rule the world.
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