The First Day Of My Second Life Lyrics

Poison The Well


Lyrics to The First Day Of My Second Life
The First Day Of My Second Life Video:
Roaming through shambles
Hand in hand
Our fingernails digging into palm
To indicate our first first reaction
Soaked my shoulder with your eyes
I run through my head
Without caution to find the words
To get you to stop
Sobbing I utter the phrases
Of what we will build back up

Won't make the same mistakes again
We will talk
Won't pull away when
One wants to show affection

Soaked your shoulder with my eyes
Overwhelmed by emotion
Overwhelmed with the feeling
That everything will be ok
Overwhelmed everyone will be
Take these new songs of youth
Because you are aware
Write new songs for youth
Because they rot inside.

It just showed up
Bags in hand, bags in hand.
It gives me chills
How easy I thought it would be.
So I let it in
Bags in hand, bags in hand...
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