Lyrics to The Fire
The Fire Video:
Storms all that summer we lived in the wind
Out in some room in the wind
Your hands they were folded, you knew no demands
My tongue, it clattered like tin

My eyes repeat, they take my seat
Your eyes they say you resigned from the heat
We leaned in the cold, holding our breath
Watching the corners turn corners

Coins on the table, the cards in the air
The face at the window kept smiling
Storms all that winter we stayed locked away
Waiting. Watching. Falling.

End of the street, horizons retreat
You, you ran with it, I wish I could
Sleep is not sleep, my eyes repeat
You take the voltage that watches you weep
You caught the voice, I listen close
All I heard was the echoes

Praise emptiness
Her rose-colored dress
Her circling motions
Praise emptiness
Everything scattered, nothing was missed
We took our house in the fire
Songwriters: VERLAINE, TOM
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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