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Lyrics to The Final Word
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Love knows my name, sees my need
Gives me hope and covers me
Even through the middle of the storm
Love has no fear, finds no blame
The truth will never change
After every voice is heard
Love has the final word

Seems like every time I look around
I see things I thought were kingdoms
Crashing to the ground
And I can't help but wonder where I stand

Sometimes life is like a battlefield
Where I've walked among the wounded
And the scars are all too real
But I will not surrender to the pain

For what has been and what is now
And what is yet to be
Gives me every reason to believe

Repeat Chorus

Oh tell me what it is
That I can't see
That would somehow cause a stranger
To give his life for me

With nothing I could offer in return
Well I could turn around and walk away
But I'd have to be a fool
To not accept the price he paid

Knowing it was more than I deserved
For what I know and what I feel
And what I can't explain
Won't erase the fact that still remains

Repeat Chorus

I know faith can move mountains
I know hope keeps us strong
But only love holds the answers
To all the mysteries ........... That's why I believe

Repeat Chorus

Repeat chorus
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