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Lyrics to The Fallen Idol
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A simple disease
Simply explained
Contaminated my soul
And is devouring my veins

A simple disease

I try but can't stop
I can lie but can't talk
Can fly but can't walk
I feel as though I'll never stop falling

A simple disease
A simple disease

I don't know who I am
I don't know where I've been
I only know what I don't want to be
And where I don't want to end up
And where I don't want to end up

But i always seem to be there
To the place that scares
To the place that traps
And always seems to last

No escape, no hope
No gun, no rope
Can't live, can't die
Can't see even though I still have my eyes
Lost any ambition, which seems part of this evolution
Through all conditions
No matter how much the sun shines
It always seems to rain where I am
Cold and damp, I beg not to be damned
I beg not to be damned
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