The Face That Never Dies Lyrics


The Strength To Dream

Lyrics to The Face That Never Dies
The Face That Never Dies Video:
When I am alone the anguish begins
Opening scars that never heal
Torturing myself with visions of you
And wishing that I could be there
People have told me it's time to move on
How can I live on when I still feel you
Doorways kept calling for me to be free
But I choose to follow my heart

I try to find refuge in my ancient dreams
I clutch them yet know they cannot be real
Living on memories and hopeless ideals
Stuck in the web of my past
And though I feel that this is wrong
I'm watching the world move sadly by
And thought I'd like to move along
I don't wanna live the lie

If somehow you ever changed the way
You were feeling
You were feeling
Could I take it?

Your flame still flickers in the dark of life
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