The Expert Lyrics

Rose Cousins


Lyrics to The Expert
Me and my bravado we can do anything
Together, we're not scared, we are shining
She never lets me down, she knows I can be quiet
That's when I lean on in

Bravado steps up in awkward conversation
The ones she knows I hate
She bails me out of tricky situations
She is rarely late

I trust my bravado, we've had lots of practise
She's so great when I'm low or feeling unattractive
She holds the fort when I can't decide my status
She doesn't tell anyone

Bravado and I put on our sunglasses
We don't look around or see how green your grass is
We know emotion eventually passes

Bravado drives when I get tired, she knows the way home
She never lets me down, she never leaves me alone
I hide the passenger side while she scans through the radio
My sweet bravado