The End Of Revelation Lyrics

Intertitus Dei

The End Of Revelation

Lyrics to The End Of Revelation
[music and lyrics: Costea]

In yours arms I breathe your breath
I taste your sweet drops of sweat,
The universe will stop now for your kiss
And nature slows its rhythm like this...

Be gone, demon,
I ease your pain,
Go away and never turn around
Drown in my sea of tears without a sound.

I feel the touch of madness running through my vein
Like the venom of your tongue,
Make a bigger unit of measure
And I'll give you a drawing of my pain,
Have a little moment of silence,
So I can take a sample of your brain.

In your arms I touch you and I sigh,
I press my lips on yours... I taste the lie
Your blood is cold by now, you've served my last command,
Your eyes are cold as the blade falling from my hand.
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