Lyrics to The End
The End Video:
I see her walking over

Sadistic smile playing on her lips

And no one told me it would be the end of my life tonight

She took her knife and ran it across my throat

With the sweetest laugh

Maybe my concience clouded, but I don't know

I'm too dead to care


This is the end

I just want you to know

You're next on her list

This is the end

Of me my friend

In the morning you'll be dead

Now when you're sound asleep

She'll be watching you, she'll take your life

And don't think for one good second that your locked doors will keep her away

You can't run, you can't hide

She'll find you in the end

So please just don't try because in the end you'll still be dead


[Repeat chorus]


Falling through the cracks of insanity

Now your time has come I'll release the beast in thee

Never have you felt so cold and alone

Now you're under my control and you'll never fall again


I load the gun, hold it to your head

Pull the trigger now you're dead

Maybe if you listened it wouldn't have to be this way

But now you're dead and you don't have a say

Laughing at the bloody mess that was once you

I've never felt so alive, I watched you die

Now I slowly walk away from your disgrace

Now lying motionless, I leave you to rot away


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