Lyrics to The End
The End Video:
Now that we've gotten this far
there's no turning back

the end is 'round the corner

great sorrow
between two people
the love of his life
the love of her life
the love of the life
you've heard me
heart pounding
stitches in the heart
you and i
the hands
your hands
so much love
love for real
dare to stop
dare to stay
you've heard me
the singing
dare to be
only be
great sorrow
between two people
and much love
dare to hold
dare to hold you
masks that hide
when you are put into debt
i know you were
carry the guilt
not to carry their weight
are polite social
doubt and afraid
heal all sorrow
all anger
heals slowly
dare to fight back
that's how it was
don't accept their blackness
stitches in the heart
dare to stay

memories he bears
made him who he is
made him fight for nothing

memories she bears
made her who she is
made her fight for nothing

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