Lyrics to The Elephant Song
The Elephant Song Video:
"Very very nice!" said a man in the crowd
As the elephant jumped through a hoop
"Who asked you?" the elephant cried
As he stooped and took a bow
"Well it's not every day you see something like that
and I thought it was jolly good!"
"How do you know?" the elephant said
"You're a man and a fat one at that!"

"Very very nice!" said a man in the crowd
When the golden voice appeared
"She was gold alright, but then so is rust
Such a shame about the beard."
"How dare you say things like that!" it said
"You ought to be ashamed!"
He was. "But I thought your voice was pretty good,
And that beard is good, for a goat!"

"Very very nice!" said the same man in the crowd
The one the elephant said was fat
"Uv on nyek" someone said with words,
And I looked 'round, with eyes
Oh, it's the peanut bride goosing the aisle
Her leather back towards the orchestra
"Whaddyou want, love?" she said to a man
"A fourpenny please, in a sixpenny bag."

"Very very nice!" said a man in the crowd
As they smelled his peanut teeth
"Would you like some?"
I said "Yes, please!"
We all had one tooth each
By now, of course, the second half had started
"Let's all warm our hands," said aloud
"My feet aren't cold!" says sheepskin glove
"Ah, but we're burning all the artists!"
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