Lyrics to The Egg of Columbus
The Egg of Columbus Video:
Christopher Columbus was a sailor and a scholar
He stumbled on the new world after he ran out of water
He said: "Be brave my noble men!
You have nothing to fear!
I said we'd reach the Indies
And by God's good grace we're here!"
Little did he know he had arrived in what would be America!

Columbus met the natives and they traded subtle greetings
He brought them Christianity and fancy new diseases
He aptly placed his tattered flag into the native soil.
He called the natives "Indians" and left them there to toil!
Little did they know he wasn't right - 'cause he was in America!

Back among the nobles he was telling them the story
Feasting on a pheasant and a basket full of glory
A nobleman was angry and he sought to switch the focus
He said: "This fluke is cause to call your expedition bogus!
For any fool could sail across the sea...and stumble on America!"

Asking for an egg he laid a wager on the table
To make the egg stand upward self assured no one was able
And try he may and try he might the noble couldn't do it
Columbus took the egg and with a wink he tried to prove it.

He took the egg and cracked the bottom in
And left it there to stand on end!

Columbus started laughing and the noble almost fainted
'Cause anything is obvious when someone else explains it.

Columbus was a legend in the land
But he was just a normal man.

New ideas
Aren't always greeted with an open ear
But then as soon as it's an old idea
Everybody loves the pioneer
And as the world keeps turning 'round it gets
Harder to explain
For every simple question
There's a pioneer made!
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