Lyrics to The East Coast
The East Coast Video:
So what's the word, are you coming home for Easter?
I hadn't heard since the last I spoke to Mother.
I love you too. I know things get so busy.
I guess I'll just have to come to the city.

Now that you're married to you think it has changed you?
She's oh such a lovely girl (oh such a lovely girl)
and you say that everyone keeps thinking I'm the same man from
before I met her (everyone thinks I'm the same man everyone thinks)

Part 1: Now you're going to graduate school graduate school
Part 2: Plan your family plan your family nieces and nephews, nieces and nephews, nieces
Part 3: The sun is setting on the bay and the wedding it's a lovely lovely ceremony

The east coast the holy ghost, the microphones, the heavenly
host all singing over you. Watching over you.
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