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Lyrics to The Dying Sound
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I'm a danger to myself
But I'm a savior to everyone else

Cuz I'm a walking time bomb, waiting for more
Stupid fucking people to ignite this war

So come to me
No one ever sees me coming
But they will surely hear the sound

Sound, sound, sound
The beautiful dying sounds
This is the end of me
I'm gonna go out loud
And leave the world with the sounds

I spread my blessings all over the place
I preach my deadly gospel to the human waste

Don't give a shit who you are motherfucker
Your body will be smashed to the ground
I hate this vision of shit that I see
Take this away from me before I make it bleed

No one know me
No one touch me
Only silence cures my sickness
Only violence can bring silence
Lock me up, throw away the key
I'm your masochist messiah, killing fantasy
Get down on your knees and pray for me

Death rattle, organs pop
Necks will snap then hearts will stop
Second coming can wait no more
Time to summon my final war
Yellow, red, black and white
All the colors scream in fright tonight

It's my world
If this is the end of it
I'm gonna go out loud
And leave the world with the sounds
I piss my hatred all around

I may have to explode now for some peace of mind
To heal this fucking planet of this disgusting time
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