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Die Young

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Lyrics to The Dying Athiest
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He could only react to the stimuli of his environment
The tides of torment, they came and went
No illusion could ever repair the damage of the flood,
Nor the void left thereafter

We bear our crosses of martyrdom in pursuit of love and truth
Chained to the chase of vice, ghost or grail,
We're absolved all the same

What difference does it make to catalyze the waves of change?
The human world comes to an end

Dear beautiful friend,
Do not repent! Do not relent!
Through life's toils and uncertainty,
Fear can seize the strongest of hearts
Let your heart be strong to seize the fear!

To seek the answers none wish to seek is to bear the cross of unholy truth
All must have illusion--one and the same

The difference you can make is in the legacy you leave
The world won't stop without us

Though the new world may be as fictitious as any deity,
To give up hope is to live in defeat
The pull of nihilism, at times, can be too much
Which legacy will you leave?
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