The Duh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Song Lyrics

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Lyrics to The Duh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Song
The Duh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Song Video:
I thought you said that you would love me
Forever and ever
But now it seems as if
You love me never

You took my heart
You tore it apart
You left me standing here
Without a tear

So now you want to be friends with me
I don't want to
I'm sorry but we both know
Friendship wont work

I thought I told you
That we were through
That means no more of you
Why don't you take a hint

And now you come crawling back to me
Sorry to say this but I knew it would happen
I'm not taking you back
Because we are through

You broke my heart
I know you'll do it again
So why don't you get off my back
Because i don't need you
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