The Drummer Boy of Waterloo Lyrics

Alasdair Roberts

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Lyrics to The Drummer Boy of Waterloo
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When Britain called her warlike sons
When cannons roared and trumpets blew
Young Edmund left his native home
A drummer boy for Waterloo

Young Edmund being a child like you
His knapsack over his shoulder threw
'Mother dear, dry up your tears
Til I return from Waterloo'

With sword and drum he marched along
Til the battlefield came into view
When a bullet from the enemy's guns
Laid him low on Waterloo

'Oh, comrades dear' young Edmund cried
As the tears fell from his eyes of blue
'Tell mother dear that I nobly died
A drummer boy at Waterloo'

They laid his head down on his drum
The grass was wet with the evening dew
The night rolled on and when morning dawned
They dug his grave at Waterloo
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