Lyrics to The Double Headstone
The Double Headstone Video:
So flee this place oh wanderer
as soon as you have read this words

Never were this brothers wich are bruined here
meant to live so soon the earth
the light of nature and of life
of stones and water, night and sun.

Alone, they failed to open their veins
for all the beauty and decay.
Loosing themselves instead within the veils
of darkness and despair.

The older one feared every step
man have to do in life
afraid to hurt himself or other ones
preferred to fall in agony and apathy instead.

His tween got more and more possessed
by dark and deadly creatures
once swallowed breeding and eating from inside
thus he shut all his gates to life.

Him - them , the guardians of the gatehouse
to protect the outside from their inner lives
and so they lie here beneaththe green geass
but never found their peace.

Their unrest grows and so their inner monsters
intil they are strong enough to reach earth's surface
to break theough the ground and become alive
as nightmares in your daydreams.
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