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Dr. Dre

The Chronic

Lyrics to The Doctor's Office
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Yes, may I help you
Hello, I had a 12 o' clock appointment with Dr. Dre
Well, Dr. Dre is with another patient right now
Would you like to reschedule?

Reschedule, um, it must be a mistake
I must see him, I had a 12 o'clock appointment
(No, it's no mistake)
Look Dr. Dre is with another patient, either you can wait or reschedule

Look, I understand all of that
No, apparently you don't understand
(You know I'm a working person and)

And I work too
(Just where is Dr. Dre)
Well open up the door
And you'll see his big dick fuckin' somebody
(I need to see him)

Like that?
Like that?
Yes, yes
You like that

Give it to me
I'mma give it to you
I'mma give it to you
Damn, you're good

(Gracias a juan por esta letra)
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