The Disappearing Act Of Another Yoko Lyrics

Orange Island

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Lyrics to The Disappearing Act Of Another Yoko
The Disappearing Act Of Another Yoko Video:
she teasingly turns you on slowly
like a bee sting burn or what dawn does to morning
she's beautiful when she wakes up from insomniac evenings
laughably easy return to menotyny after altered states and dreaming
brunette eyes with blond kisses

but your love for another her grabs you by the jugular
and squeezes hard your tidal wave heart

look in the mirror and hate what you see
but love your reflection when mirrored in her eyes, a lesson in vanity

and sickly you hope that she disappears
when you're not looking at her, when she's not here with you
thinking she should've lived every moment of her life
waiting just to be here with you tonight
oh the shitty thoughts of being a guy

she closes her eyes as she cums
close your eyes and she becomes someone you want her to be
she becomes you and you are not me

life becomes one big apology to someone we haven't even met yet
someone who probably doesn't even exist yet
another her that's just all in your head, just another lesson in vanity
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